Our Services

Visas Ireland provides a comprehensive array of services to assist private individuals and their families, as well as companies and their employees, to gain entry and to live and thrive in Ireland.


We provide our clients with peace-of-mind, knowing that we handle all aspects of the process, and that they are supported and guided through the challenges of navigating the Irish immigration system.


Our services includes


Our specialists provide a qualified service to individuals and business companies…

EU Treaty

EU (European Union) Treaty Rights application is designed to facilities spouses…

Residence Permission - Stamp 4

Long Term Residency / Stamp 4 is reckonable as residence when applying for citizenship..

Dependent Permission - Stamp 3

Stamp 3 indicates permission to stay in Ireland for a specified period, subject to conditions.

Dependent Elderly Relatives - Stamp 0

Stamp 0 indicates permission to stay in Ireland for a temporary period, subject to conditions…

Entry Visas to

Citizens of certain countries must apply for an Entry Visa before they travel to Ireland.


Applying for Irish citizenship is advisable to foreign nationals as a last step in their…


Very often, companies in Ireland come to Visas Ireland asking for help in recruiting professionals..


Our services includes

1. Employment Permits

2. EU Treaty Rights

3. Residence – Stamp 4

4. Dependent – Stamp 3

5. Elderly Dependent – Stamp 0

6. Entry visa to Ireland

7. Irish citizenship

Whether a corporate client or a private individual, we are geared to address your specific needs and requirements:

For Companies

We help employers, with Employment Permit applications for their prospective employees, who are nationals of countries outside of the EEA.

If required, we partner with Brazilian recruitment agencies, to recruit and employ Brazilian professionals.

For Private Individuals & Families?

For individuals who have a job offer from an Irish company (for a permissible job title), we assist with the application for Employment Permits.

Qualifying applicants must have a Job Title that is eligible for application for an employment permit, and the correct type of Employment Permit will apply accordingly.

After discussion with both the private individual and their potential employer, we’ll advise clients as to the correct Employment Permit.

For individuals and families, we are able to process applications for EU Treaty Rights, Residence Stamp (Stamp 4), Dependent Stamp (Stamp 3), Elderly Dependent (Stamp 0), Entry Visas to Ireland, Irish Citizenship, and others.