Dependent Elderly Relatives – Stamp 0​

Stamp 0 indicates permission to stay in Ireland for a temporary period, subject to conditions.

Dependent Elderly Relatives - Stamp 0​

Stamp 0 can be applicable to you if you are:

  • Retire to or live in Ireland as a person of independent means, you must be financially independent and meet following conditions: 

Your income should be at least €50,000 per year if you are single, for a couple this amount is €100,000 per year.

You also should have savings to cover such expenses as housing or any medical emergencies.

You should apply for Stamp 0 before arriving in Ireland. 

You should understand that you will not be able to access any State’s benefits while being here on retirement permission. 

  • Be a visiting academic at an Irish university or college
  • Live in Ireland as the elderly, dependent relative of an Irish National, or a non-EU/EEA or Swiss citizen:

Your sponsor of the elderly, dependent relative must have earned at least €60,000 in the case of one parent and €75,000 in the case of two parents after tax and all deductions. 

If your relative has a guaranteed income into the future, this can be used to partially offset financial requirements.

If you are not sure whether you meet conditions or not, please contact us 

Who is qualified as dependent? 

  • Someone who is supported financially by the sponsor on a regular basis 
  • Someone who has a social dependency on the sponsor 

The dependency should be at the level that independent living is impossible without the support of a family member, so this support must be essential. 

You and your sponsor must provide sufficient evidence of the dependency of the elderly relative in the Stamp 0 application. Immigration authorities must be convinced that family dependency is real and has not been fabricated. 

The sponsor will have to sign a legal confirmation where they state that they will bear complete economic responsibility for the elderly, dependent relative and that their relatives will not become a burden to the State. 

The sponsor will also be required to make detailed provision for the accommodation of the elderly dependent relative. 

Stamp 0 is a temporary permission, although it can be renewed on a regular basis once all the conditions are met.