Entry Visas to Ireland​

Entry Visas to Ireland​


Citizens of certain countries must apply for an Entry Visa before they travel to Ireland.

Whether you need a visa to enter Ireland depends on what country you’re from. You can check in this link:



There are examples of types of Irish Visa: 

  • Travelling as a tourist 
  • Travelling as family members of EU (European Union) Citizens 
  • Business Visa 
  • Studying in Ireland Visa 
  • Employment Visa 
  • Joining EU family member Visa 


Tourist Visa

If you are planning to visit Ireland for your holiday you must apply for a Short Stay “C” Tourist Visa. 


You need to apply for a Tourist Visa online and then print it out and send it to the relevant to your country Irish Embassy together with supporting documents. We can help you with the application, please contact us. 

You will need to supply all required documents and evidence of your obligations to return home. 


Travelling as family members of EU (European Union) Citizens/Visiting Visa

If you have family members legally living in Ireland and you wish to visit them, you need to apply for Visiting Visa

When applying for this type of Visa you would need to give your family member details: 

  • A copy of their passport bio page 
  • Evidence of your contact with them 
  • Supply information how they are known to you 
  • A copy of their Irish Residence Permit if applicable 

Your family members will need to write a detailed confirmation letter where they need to mention the address you are going to stay, their employment details. 

Also, you may have to supply evidence of your relationship such as photographs and communications details. 


Business Visa 

If you wish to attend a business Conference/Event you will need to apply for Business Visa. 

You will need to send: 

  • A letter from the conference organiser which includes all the details of the Events such as dates of the conference, registration fee details, any cost they are covering as a host (full breakdown in euro), location where the event is going to be held 
  • A written invitation to you from the host in Ireland where the reason for inviting you is explained. 
  • Evidence of your communications between you and the host (printed emails or letters) 


Studying in Ireland Visa

You must supply a confirmation letter from your course. The letter should have the information about the course such as:

  • The name of the course 
  • Duration of the course 
  • Evidence of fees paid 
  • Evidence you have been offered a place on the course 
  • Evidence where you are going to stay during the course 
  • Evidence how you are going to financially support yourself during the course. 


Employment Visa 

You will need to supply the confirmation of Employment Permit granted. 

Joining an EU/EEA/Swiss national family membeEntry Visas

You will need to supply the following proofs/documents:

  • Proof of identity for the applicant family member
    • Proof of family link such as birth certificate or marriage certificate
    • Evidence of dependency on your EU family member
    • Evidence of employment for the EU/EEA/Swiss citizen in the State

These are just the common examples of Irish Entry Visa. If you have any other reason for entering Ireland, please contact us and we will be able to help you.