Employment Permits Quota for Meat Operatives and Dairy Farm Assistants

The Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment have released an update on two types of General Employment Permits. According to the website the maximum quotas for General Employment Permits for both Dairy Farm Assistants and for Meat Processing Operatives have been filled.


30 September 2022

The Employment Permits (Amendment) (No 2) Regulations 2021, Statutory Instrument SI No 559 of 2021, set a maximum quota of 100 General Employment Permits for Dairy Farm Assistants and 1,500 General Employment Permits for Meat Processing Operatives on the 27th October 2021.  An additional quota extension of 425 Meat Processing Operative permits was also established in June 2022.  These quotas have now been filled. 

Please do not submit new applications for Dairy Farm Assistants and Meat Processing Operatives at this time.  Any applications for these roles will be returned.” – Department of Enterprise Trade & Employment

Flatlay of tablet screen displaying Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment website sitting on brown leather with Employment Permits notices


Unfortunately, the demand from the agri-food sector has not yet been met. It is hoped that the Department of Trade and Enterprise (DETE) will recognise this and authorise more quotas for the agri-food sector. Visas Ireland will continue to monitor this and will post any updates on our website. Please continue to check our website www.visasireland.ie for updates.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this update, or require assistance with your employment permit application, do not hesitate to contact Visas Ireland today at info@visasireland.ie or contact us here.






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