EU Treaty Rights Pilot Project – Department of Justice Announces Commencement of Electronic Signatures (eSignatures) for EUTR1 Applications

According to the Department of Justice website the ISD (Immigration Service Delivery) are trialling a pilot project on the use of electronic signatures on EU Treaty Rights Applications. The aim is to improve customer service. This will apply to EU Treaty Rights Applications EUTR1 in the Dublin area initially. There is the potential to extend this countrywide.

“As part of ongoing measures to deliver improved customer service, ISD will begin a pilot project to trial the use of electronic signatures (eSignatures) on letters issued to certain EU Treaty Rights applicants.

An e-signature is an electronic version of a deciding officer’s original signature. It has the same effect as an original written signature, known as a ‘wet signature’.

From 19 September 2022 to 31 December 2022, some applicants, who submit an application on form EUTR 1, may receive a temporary permission letter or a final decision letter with an eSignature of the deciding officer. It is envisaged that these will only be issued to applicants residing in the Dublin area initially, with scope to extend that to countrywide applications in the future.” – Department of Justice

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If an applicant does not wish to receive a temporary permission or final decision letter with an e-signature, they may request a letter with a ‘wet signature’.

What are EU Treaty Rights?

EU Treaty rights are rights given to nationals who reside within countries in the European Union, or the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. Treaty rights are applicable to family members of citizens of the EU, and EEA. If you are an EEA national living in Ireland, then you may have the right to bring family members to live with you here, even if they themselves are not EEA nationals.

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EU Treaty Rights

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