EU Treaty Rights

EU (European Union) Treaty Rights application is designed to facilitate spouses and children of EU citizens to gain a right to reside in Ireland.

Residency for family members of EU Citizen

  • EU Citizens should demonstrate to the State that they are engaging their EU Treaty Rights by studying, working or being self-employed and only in this case their spouses and children (in certain circumstances EU Treaty Rights application is available for their recognised civil partners, parents, or other members of their families) can join them in Ireland.
  • EU Citizens must satisfy Irish immigration authority with how they are going to financially support their family members. There is a list of documents required by the Department of Justice in order for the application to be successful.

Many applications are easy to fill in, however some technical and complicated issues of EU law can arise in some cases, so we recommend seeking for professional advice if you are not sure. We have the knowledge and experience to advise on the law and on the necessary supporting documentation.

Retention in the event of divorce/ separation/ death of the EU Citizen

This type of EU Treaty Rights is applicable to non-EU nationals who already obtained a permission to remain in the State based on being related to the EU Citizen, but their relationship broke down due to divorce, separation, or death of the EU citizen.

Clients often want to know how to retain their rights to continue residing in Ireland following a divorce, separation, or death of the EU citizen.

We strongly recommend seeking for an early advice in these circumstances to avoid complications, which can lead to revoke the residency permission of a non-EU national.

Permanent Residency

It is available to a person who obtained the Irish residency based on EU Treaty Rights to apply for permanent residency upon the expiry of their 5-year permission. Permanent residency is granted for 10 years.

We can assist with preparing the application, advising on the necessary supporting documents and the requirements of the Department of Justice and Equality.

We also do all necessary follow-ups and appeals if needed.