Employment Permit

Our specialists provide a qualified service to individuals and business companies. 

We guarantee our clients a professional approach to overcomplicated issues within Irish Immigration System. 

We aid non-EU/EEA nationals and the main reason for this is that for a non-EU/EEA national to be able to work in Ireland they need to apply for permission first. 

There are nine types of an Employment/Work Permit. 

  • General Employment Permits 

General Employment Permits are available to apply for those who earn €30,000 or more.

 General Employment Permit is a tool used by business companies to attract nationals from non-Eu countries for occupations which are experiencing a labour or skills shortage. 

Labour market needs test is required. 

  • Critical Skills Employment Permits 

Critical Skills Employment Permits are available for those whose earn more than 32000 and are designed to attract highly skilled professionals from non-Eu countries. 

The applied role should be listed on Critical Skills Occupation List. 



  • Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permits 

A dependant of a Critical Skills Employment Permit Holder can apply for permission to reside in Ireland while accompanying the Critical Skills Permit Holder, which allows them to work as well. 

This type of permit has several benefits, please contact our office for further enquiries. 

  • Reactivation Employment Permit 

Reactivation Employment Permits is granted to foreign nationals who had an employment permit previously, but who have fallen out of the system through no fault of their own, or who have been wrongly sacked or bullied at their work and were not able to continue. 

  • Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit 

This type of Employment Permit is applied to individuals in senior management, key roles or trainees being transferred from non-Eu branches to their Irish corporations. 

  • Contract for Services Employment Permits 

This type of Employment permit is used by non-EEA employees to transfer to work on an Irish contract in Ireland while being an employee outside of the State. In most cases, a labour market needs test is obligated. 

  • Internship Employment Permits 

are available for non-EEA students who have been offered a work experience job opportunity in Ireland. 

  • Sport and Cultural Employment permits 

are granted for those who are in employed in Ireland in the operation, development, and capacity of sporting and cultural activities. 

  • Exchange Agreement Employment Permits 

are designed for those employed in Ireland under prescribed agreements, such as, the Fulbright Program for researchers and academics.