Very often, companies in Ireland come to Visas Ireland asking for help in recruiting professionals. With the significant growth of this service, Jobs & Visas Ireland was created with the aim of supplying the workforce to Irish employers.

Jobs & Visas Ireland work together with a range of recruitment agencies abroad to find suitable candidates for Irish employers.

It is important to Jobs & Visas Ireland to be sure of the quality of what is being offered.

We request that the agency/agents check the veracity of the information provide by the candidates – in the candidate’s CVs and diplomas/certificates. They also contact some of the previous employer to check the info in their CVs. Police background also is requested.

We are meticulous in our process, and it is very important for Jobs & Visas Ireland that we follow these steps to be sure of the quality of the professionals that employer is hiring.

Once we agree on candidates we host a remote interview with them, it can be done together with potential employers in Ireland. Sometimes, when is possible, we can also try to record the person working.

Our recruitment agencies can find right candidates for any kind of jobs, low and high skilled. 

They work to remarkably high standards and were cable to fulfil numerous positions in Ireland. 

We can help you to find employees for all sectors in Ireland eligible to apply for General Employment Permits or Critical Skills Employment Permits. 

After an employer is satisfied and happy to hire our candidates, we will take care of applying for Employment Permit and Irish Entry Visa (for entry visa required countries), make sure a smooth and hassle-free journey while doing it. 

Please contact us for more information.

Often companies come to Visas Ireland asking for help in recruiting professionals.

We work together with various recruitment agencies to find suitable candidates for Irish employers.

We can help you to find a suitable employee to apply for General Employment Permits or Critical Skills Employment Permits.

Contact us for more information.